Babini Spa is an Italian Company, that has been manufacturing office furniture for more than 45 years,  aiming at improving the quality of the workplace, with ideas, solutions and always new projects: a natural attitude to produce attractive, functional, high quality furniture, exclusively made in Italy.
The success of the company is determined by a very focused team work guided by the president, Giancarlo Babini. He created a dynamic reality, that is continuously growing in the market.
Each Babini Office product is the result of a tested design process passing through creative intuitions, feasibility and industrialization analysis. From the project to the realization, our staff is always close to the client offering tailored services to meet specific requirements.
Babini Office is synonymous with furnishing solutions that solve all the problems and meet all requirements of the contemporary office: variability of layouts, nomadism, team work, station sharing and high representative. With the user at the centre of each project. With the deal to change any environment into an ideal and totally representative workplace, to enhance well-being of day-to-day work in harmony with the surroundings.